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Mixed Case - Balanced


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Balanced mix packs of all our current ales; Crumbling Ghost (4.9% ABV), Fat Labrador (5.2%), Suburban Druid (4.3%), Elephants' Graveyard (5.5%), Zombie Vaccine (5.2%) and Iron Henge (4.2%)

Ingredients: Water, BARLEY, WHEAT, Oats, Hops, Yeast.

6 Pack Mix: £17.75
Iron Henge x 1 / Suburban Druid x 1 / Elephants' Graveyard x 2 / Zombie Vaccine x 2

12 Pack Mix: £31.25
Elephants' Graveyard x 3 / Zombie Vaccine x 3 / Suburban Druid x 2 / Iron Henge x 2 / Fat Labrador x 1 / Crumbling Ghost x 1

This mix pack will be delivered in a plain cardboard box.

If you wish to re-package a six or twelve pack for gifting, you can purchase extra three-pack carry cases at cost price here.

SKU: BM6-6

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