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Mixed Case - Balanced


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Balanced mix packs of all our current ales; Fourth Horse Pale (5.1% ABV), Suburban Druid (4.4% ABV), Elephants' Graveyard (5.7% ABV) and Crumbling Ghost (5.7% ABV).

Ingredients: Water, BARLEY, WHEAT, Oats, Hops, Yeast.

6 Pack Mix: £17.50
Fourth Horse Pale x 2 / Suburban Druid x 2 / Elephants' Graveyard x1 / Crumbling Ghost x1

12 Pack Mix: £31.00
Fourth Horse Pale x 4 / Suburban Druid x 4 / Elephants' Graveyard x3 / Crumbling Ghost x1

SKU: BM1-6

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